Live at Wolf Trap

Finally, a live recording of one of American folk music's most sought-after concert performers. On this recording, John McCutcheon avoids standard fare and serves up eight brand-new songs and a host of previously unrecorded favorites. Guest musicians include Tom Chapin, Paul Reisler, Pete Kennedy and others.

". . . an appealing introduction to the newcomer and a welcome addition to the collection." —Herald, CT

"From raising kids to raising crops to raising hell, John's songs celebrate the courage, creativity and dignity of working folks. They celebrate our victories, raise our spirits, give us strength to carry on and, yes, a reason to believe." —Joanne Delaplaine, Labor Heritage Foundation

Calling All the Children Home (John McCutcheon) 3:22
Hours After (John McCutcheon)/Lonesome John /Reel á Bouche /Leather Britches (trad.) 6:37
Stole & Sold from Africa (trad.) 2:18
Black Sea (John McCutcheon) 3:00
Old Brown's Head Light (John McCutcheon) 4:24
Joe Hill (Earl Robinson & Alfred Hayes) 7:23
Going, Going, Gone (Si Kahn) 2:33
High Hearts (John McCutcheon) 5:25
Cut the Cake (Tina Liza Jones) 6:27
Reasons to Believe (Tim Hardin/Bruce Springsteen) 5:03
Where Were You When (John McCutcheon) 3:38
Yesterday's Fools (John McCutcheon) 3:26
Christmas in the Trenches (John McCutcheon) 6:52
Copper River Bounce (John McCutcheon)/Money Musk (trad.) 2:38
The Water Is Wide (trad.) 4:50

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