Hail to the Chief

Folks, John has happily "retired" the many songs he wrote during the 8 years of the previous Administration. He's sent them all down to Crawford, TX where they'll relax clearing brush for the remainder of their days. The physical album is SOLD OUT but the individual songs, or the virtual album, is available for download.

Be one of the last people to actually have recordings of "Ashcroft's Army," "Let's Pretend," "Talking Pat and Jerry Blues," "The List," and the classic, "Hail to the Chief."

And never fear! John realizes that some of the songs on each of these albums have a longer shelf-life than 43. So a new album, gathering the more universal of the songs into a new recording that will include many of the newer topical songs dealing with all things post-W. Stay tuned to the News section of the www site for updates.

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SKU: AP2003