The Pumpkin Man

Song credits: 
words & music by John McCutcheon

In 1972 I was working in a community center in Knoxville, TN. In October I
brought in pumpkins for the kids to carve and one of the children, growing
up in an urban setting with no yard or garden, had never seen an uncarved
pumpkin and had no idea what it was. Stranded in a waiting room a few days
later this song sprouted.

John: vocal, guitar, banjo & fiddle
Pete: mandolin
JT: bass & vocal
Jos: drums
Carroll: vocal

There's something in my garden
So big and orange and round
It started just a little seed
When I stuck it in the ground
But now it doesn't look at all
Like what it did last spring
Hey, won't somebody tell me
What the heck you call this thing?


Oh, the pumpkin man
With a big, round head
Smile so bright
And eyes so red
I wish jack-o-lanterns hung from the sky
And the seas were made of pumpkin pie

My mommy and my daddy
My dog and my pal, John
Ran out to the garden
To see what was going on
My mommy said, "It's squash, my son"
My daddy called it spice
John just laughed and my dog just barked
And jumped up once or twice Chorus

Then John said, "Ain't you never seen
"A pumpkin plant before?
"Why, you carve 'em up for Halloween
"And you stick 'em right by your door
"With two big eyes and a funny nose
"And a toothy smile below
"Then you stick a candle in its head
"To make the whole thing glow" Chorus

So now I grow up pumpkins
For my neighbors all around
But still I just don't understand
How they get so big and round
My mommy says, "It's nature"
My dad says, "A miracle"
John just laughs and my dog just barks
And I like that best of all Chorus

©1973 John McCutcheon/Appalsongs (ASCAP)