Pap's Billygoat

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traditional from Currence Hammonds

Pappy bought me a great big billygoat
Mama she washed most everyday
Hung the clothes out on the line
The gosh-darn goat, well, he came that way
He started eatin' on my old red shirt
You oughta heard them buttons crack
I'll get even with the son-of-a-gun
I'm gonna tie him across the railroad track
So I tied him across the railroad track
The train kept comin' at a thousand rate
He coughed up them old red shirts
And the gosh-darn goat, well, he flagged that train

The darn fool, the old fool, I married me a widow
And the widow had a daughter, and her name was Maw
I married the widow and my Daddy married the daughter
And now my Daddy is my own son-in-law

I went to the station and I bought me a ticket
I hopped on the train and I sat right down
Stuck the ticket in the brim of my hat
And the wind came along, blew it out on the ground
The conductor came along for to collect my ticket
I had to get another or get out on the track
I'll get even with the son-of-a-gun
I'll buy a round trip ticket and I ain't a-coming back!

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