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  • Founded over 80 years ago by Myles Horton as an adult education center for social change movements in the South.
  • A place steeped in history…
  • Woody Guthrie & Pete Seeger visited Highlander on their lone cross-country trip together.
  • Where blacks and whites met to strategize the Civil Rights Movement
  • Rosa Parks received her training at Highlander before she refused to give up her bus seat in 1955.
  • ”We Shall Overcome” was developed and disseminated at Highlander.
  • Where people have gathered to discuss community issues that directly affected their lives & communities: labor organizing, Black Lung & Brown Lung drives, anti-strip mining & anti-mountaintop removal, land use and absentee landlords, youth and outmigration.
  • A place that has always valued and used music in their work.
  • For more information please visit:

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I am just starting my songwriting journey, so was completely daunted about claiming the title of songwriter and signing up. I could not have imagined that I’d not only gain amazing tools that assured me I can write, but that I’d find a lifelong family who embraced and fiercely loved every person in that hallowed circle of rockers. Truly an experience like no other. -- Susan, Tennessee

The Camp, your approach, your passion, your personable way, your generosity have left a mark…
a really good mark…on my soul.
-- Doug, Georgia

The meditation on political music alone was worth the price of the entire Camp. -- Sheldon, Connecticut